Looking forward to helping you...
Looking forward to helping you...
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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Buy a Condo?
1.You hate to mow the lawn.

2.Besides the lawn, you hate to trim, pull weeds, and paint.

3.You travel a lot for your job or your sanity.

4.You have all these hobbies you want to pursue.

5.You have been renting for years and wasting money.

6.You want a pool but can't afford it.

7.You want a 3000 square foot home but can't afford it.

8.You have very few friends and want to meet new people.

9.There's some pretty good deals right now in the condo market.

10.You want to ensure your community adheres to rules and regulations.

Buying a condo is an excellent choice for those who either can't afford the home of their dreams or those who want to scale down and enjoy their lives a little more. While renting has its place in life, it should never be a long term solution. Making a real estate investment is a sound contribution to your future and sometimes starting out a little slowly makes sense. Buying a condo first and a dream home later can make the transition from renting to home ownership a reality. Or, buying a condo in the later stages of your life instead of selling out and renting will keep your money working for you. Whatever your situation in life, don't rent forever or you will miss out on some financial freedom and / or quality of life that you deserve.

Email me and let me know what area you might be interested and Ill send you back a free list of condos so you can compare floor plans and prices. Email here at.. ListOfCondos@FreeHomeHelp.com Or call me anytime. Fred Currier 425-776-0333

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